Our services offer a customisable experience that caters to your specific areas of need.

The sessions are aimed towards helping you achieve your goals with personalised

and actionable steps. We offer a set of three packages, that apply to both teams and individuals.

Each package is designed to give you the best value for the least expense. Our sessions thrive on engagement and connection between the coach and the participant. 


Offers a set of 3 meaningful sessions spread across 2 impactful months. It includes personality profiling and one-on-one coaching in a key area.


A leap towards higher ground, accomplished in 6 months.

6 sessions of journeying and learning with the coach. Includes two personality profiles, goals and action plans, and an in-depth understanding of a key area.


A year long journey made side-by-side with your coach, that guarantees transformation. Includes all of the other offerings and much more! A range of personality profiles and analyses in different areas of need, reading materials, and accountability partnering.