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Coaching Services

Coaching is a serious engagement, therefore our services offer a customizable experience designed to help you achieve your goals

Personal reflection, journaling and keenness is required to make the journey a worthy adventure.  

You can choose from a set of three value for money packages.


A set of 6 meaningful sessions spread across three impactful months. It includes personality profiling and one-on-one coaching in a key area agreed by the two. You talk we listen.


A 12 session journey to learn with the coach. This is a leap towards a higher ground, accomplished in six months.

It includes personality profiles, goals, action plans and an        in-depth understanding of key areas.


The number of sessions here are customised to suit your journey with the coach - transformation guaranteed. A 4D profile that focuses on TEAMS, VALUES and your BEHAVIOR INDEX, along with a need analysisand a strong coach-client accountability. 

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