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Coach Jake

Jacob has an approach that is dynamic and creative. He is able to look at things with a fresh perspective. His natural intuitive skills help him reach deep into the lives of clients enabling them to see a new perspective even in difficult situations and  specialises in providing fresh strategies to entrepreneurs. His leadership insights, drawn from over 30 years of experience, liberate even the harshest critic.​​ With his relational approach, he is able to seamlessly weave joy into the coaching process. 


Jacob has a natural talent for connecting with people. He believes organisations can change only when people change. His own journey as a leader managing various teams has brought about a deep desire in him to assist in transformational thinking, nurture change in organisations and change in people. 

He has a wide exposure and experience managing people for over twenty five years coupled with leadership roles in the nonprofits, educational institutions and the corporate sector. 

He is versatile and is equally at ease both with senior leaders as well as the younger ones. He has traveled to over fifteen countries and has addressed gatherings of different kinds and various sizes. His is a singer and guitarist, loves the outdoors, and enjoys trekking and travelling when time permits. His passion is to spend quality time with his family particularly his three daughters at every opportunity. He therefore brings in a lot of heart to his workshops. 




About Us

TURN Consultants works with the holistic vision of understanding

emotion and behaviour to build leadership and professionalism in an individual

and within teams. This ensures the success of a company as a whole,

while being both refreshing and challenging. 

We specialise in customised sessions that make each connection unique,

building a rapport that encourages a growth perspective

essential for a meaningful coaching conversation.

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